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To adapt to the evolving business needs of our clients, Acute Logistics has transformed itself from an air/land/ocean freight company that merely transports things from place to place into an online marketplace that provides a full range of solutions to match any logistics needs.

Our platform will encourage competitive pricing and access to wider range of customers and logistics service providers. We offer a business directory to show ca

What We Do

Simpler, Smarter and Faster way of Shipping. Shippers meet Air/Land/Ocean Freight Service Providers. Air/Land/Ocean Freight Service Providers meet Shippers. We are providing an online Shipping Marketplace to ease the challenges in shipping within and from the USA.
Shippers from any where with Freight within the USA can get quotations, list their freight and have freight transported within the USA or Shipped overseas from the USA.
Advertise your Logistics Businesses, sto
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